Custom Suspension

Your car is your movable throne and
everyone should be able to recognize your
dominance in your beast of a car. more_info_button

Custom Paint Jobs

blank2 Those insane colors and designs
make your car have a personality that
will shock and awe everyone who views it. more_info_button

Custom Car Audio

blank3 If you want that deep base and booming
sound system, all you need to do is
tell Asylum Autowerks, how loud. more_info_button

Custom Car Shop | Asylum Autowerks | Indianapolis, IN

Asylum Autowerks is the Midwest’s best auto-body shop for vehicle customization. When we say vehicle, we mean vehicle! We will accessorize almost anything with a motor, from classic and modern cars, to trucks and sport utility vehicles, to semi-trailers and even boats! We will give your car a unique design and will also give it an awesome functionality too. If you have ever wanted to have a car with high suspension, that isn’t a monster truck, or to be able to bounce with the music blaring out of your cars speakers then we are the people for you.  

Our technicians will be glad to work on whatever sort of vehicle you want to have an awesome, and insane look. We work on motorcycles, giving them a death defying look, while making your boats look like terrors from the depths of the sea, and doing some truly inspiring things you our customers’ cars and trucks.


Asylum Autowerks is dedicated to creating the most unique and insane designs for your vehicle possible and we are experts at different paint designs, installing the loudest and best sound systems as well as creating the most awesome bodies for you to be cruising around in. No job is too small, and few things are too large, which is why we will replace the steering wheels, plastic interiors, seats, and all other cosmetic parts of the interior of your vehicle too. The design specialists at Asylum Autowerks pride themselves on their ability to take a normal looking vehicle and turning it into something that looks to have rebelled against mainstream conformity to traditional aesthetics. This gives each of our vehicles a unique and twisted look, which will inspire awe and jealousy in your friends, and make sure that you are the center of attention wherever you go.